Car Scratch Repair

I always feel like car scratches appear out of nowhere. One minute you have a nice shiny car, the next  there are small scratches all over your door handle or the front bumper. No matter how hard you try, the car paint gets damaged. Some scratches are caused by little every day things, others are the result of an accident with another vehicle or an object. Each substance has a different impact on the surface creating unique paint scratches. To find a right scratch repair solution, you need to know what type of scratch you have. There are basically 4 types of car scratches that can penetrate the paint. Each type requires different steps and products to remove. Find out what are the scratch types and how to repair them from this car scratch repair article. ~Mike Davis


Car Paint Repair

When it comes to a car paint repair, a lot of people prefer to leave it to the professionals. And it is not because they have so much extra money, but mostly because they don’t know where to start and how much work is involved. They don’t realize that some of the scratches can be repaired for a fraction of the cost that body shops charge. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time by doing it yourself. All you need are the right products and easy to follow car paint repair instructions.

Car Paint Repair – What’s Involved?

Car paint repair can get very expensive. Some body shops can charge hundreds of dollars to fix a small scratch. In this economy, not many people have extra money for unexpected repairs. The good news is, you can do most of the car paint repairs yourself for a fraction of the cost. All you need is the right tools and simple step-by-step instructions. It is important to become an educated consumer before starting the repair, so you can avoid common mistakes that beginners make. Read more about car paint repair.